Friday, June 2, 2017


I'm honestly surprised that President Trump hasn't been regularly making headlines on wikipedia, given the mainstream media's unhealthy antipathy towards him.

But now he has, with his withdrawal from the Paris Agreement.

All I can say is, bold move, Mr. President.  You don't mess around.

I'm not going to address his action, which I admittedly know little about, so much as the reaction to it.  Oh WOW, is there a lot of unnecessary hostility over this!  Not just from Democrats, but from people all over the world.

If proponents of "climate change" are going to react this way, that's how you react to someone who has rejected your religion, not to someone who has rejected a scientific claim, whether that claim is true or false.

And given that, it bodes well for President Trump's decision.  If something is not innately evil, but it earns the ire of the world (the prince of whom is the Devil), that is at least circumstantial evidence that the thing is particularly good.

Perhaps we could have a legitimate discussion over whether we think President Trump's decision was right or not.  These days it's seeming like there's less and less room for such a thing, but it's at least theoretically possible.

But whether President Trump was right or not, one thing seems clear to me: the mere act of withdrawing the United States from the Paris Agreement does not pollute anything, does not put anyone in immediate danger, does nothing other than having the United States cease to be a member of a group of nations that didn't even exist before two years ago.  That's literally all it's doing, and a sovereign nation has the right to choose to do that.  Suppose he were to continue with all the same regulations that the Paris Agreement supports, just not as a member?  Then where would be all the hostility and scaremongering?

Phobia of the head of state and government of a sovereign nation exercising a right, which in and of itself does no harm to anyone, can only be bred in mistrust, which is poison to all societies and breeds either anarchic chaos or totalitarianism.  It cannot help doing so.

I could understand people acting that way if President Trump had said that we were going to go full blast on all kinds of CFCs or whatever, but I am not aware of his having said any such thing.  All I know is that he withdrew from the Paris Agreement.  I don't even see how that qualifies as news unless, again, "climate change" is part of your religion, and you're offended by someone not going along with it (and if the Paris Agreement is your "church").

One thing I'm curious about is how the mainstream media's reaction to this is going to impact their claim of a connection between Donald Trump's presidential campaign last year and Russia.  I admit I know almost nothing about this, but from what I understand, Russia has NOT withdrawn--in fact, apparently Russia supports the Paris Agreement!

I would think that wouldn't bode well for the idea that Russia wanted Donald Trump in the White House, and therefore it wouldn't bode well for the idea that Russia colluded with Donald Trump last year to prevent Hillary Clinton from being elected.

Then again, I see so much arrogance from mainstream media and political sources these days, trying to fit the facts into their ideologies instead of the other way around (and ignoring or denying the facts when they can't manage this).  And I know from firsthand experience that it's possible to believe two things simultaneously that contradict each other--and thank God I finally realized that they were incompatible, but for awhile I didn't.

I still think, as I did last year, that President Trump must not be idolized, and I do think there's a danger of that given all this hostility towards him (he is not part of my religion either, as he is not even Catholic, much less the Pope or a bishop).  And I do not deny his flaws, nor what he's done in the past that I didn't like.

Nevertheless, little by little I'm coming to warm up to at least his courage in standing up for what he believes in.  People used to applaud those who did that--now it seems people only do that when it's "safe".  That is, when what the individual believes in conforms to what the mainstream society already believes in, so that there is no conflict with that mainstream society at all.  And yet people still say, and even think, otherwise (I should know, as I did that myself until a few years ago).

I don't say, at this point, that I wish I had voted for Donald Trump last year, nor that I regret not returning to the Republican Party.  But I am coming to better appreciate his presidency.  And I am at least considering the possibility that I may just come around to such conclusions, depending.  We'll see where we are in 2020.

I just hope President Trump will continue with similar boldness on matters of even more fundamental urgency--and that he won't appear to prove his enemies correct by being idealistic where he needed to be more practical.

Please try not to be run by irrational emotions.  I've let that happen to me way too often, including today (over this very issue, in fact).  It doesn't help anyone, and in fact it only hurts yourself and others.  Let's simply pray that the Lord's will be done.

God bless you, and thank you for reading.

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