Sunday, June 11, 2017

Thanks be to God!

As of now, I am a cantor at my parish.

I have so much to be grateful to the Lord for.  Not only did I finally register at the parish that I've been attending for so long, and say that I was interested in cantoring on the registration form, but last Saturday I was inspired to be more proactive than I have a habit of being.  I was kind of hoping that someone would see what I'd written on the form and that I would be approached with the idea, but that didn't happen--not in the two weeks since I registered.

So last Saturday I approached the head cantor and now, just yesterday, I was one of the cantors in my parish.  I was comfortable, and I received many compliments on my voice after the Liturgy was over.  In addition, in a few weeks I'm wanted to do the Epistle Reading, so I intend to prepare for that.

I've known I was a good singer since three months before I even began going back to Mass regularly, which was almost seven years ago now.  I had been asked more than once after Mass if I was a cantor, which I took as a compliment considering I'd never had formal singing lessons (outside of what all kids get in elementary school, which I don't count)--and I'd even said that maybe God was telling me something.

But it's only now that I've actually acted on it.  As early as 2015 I considered singing in a more formal capacity, but aside from the fact that I didn't try out cantoring, two things: 1) I still thought of singing as just one skill among many that I might use for telling stories, rather than as a primary passion of mine; 2) I thought I ought to learn how to accompany myself before singing professionally, and so (since I was already a good singer without lessons) I took up guitar lessons at that time.

But only this year have I really listened to the Lord's call.  This year, with my trumpet, I've come to realize that music is more of a primary passion for me than writing original stories, and I've also come to realize that some of the same skills are needed for singing or for playing a brass instrument.  And it was that which prompted me to finally register at this parish, something else I'd been putting off for a long time (I've known it existed since 2012), so that I could be one of the cantors there.

I'm also hoping that this new responsibility will distract me from thinking about bad things that have haunted me for many years, and that it might be something to add to my resume (since I still haven't applied for a full-time job yet--but within weeks I hope to do just that).

And of course, I pray that I do my best to glorify the Lord with my voice.

Saint Cecilia, pray for me!

Thank you for sharing part of your day with me.  God bless you.

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